The Bachelor

So….. I am a sucker for reality TV and I love watching “The Bachelor”. Tonight is the “Girls Tell All” and this episode always makes me a nervous wreck when I watch it! It is a bunch of girls that have been holding a grudge for some time period and finally have a chance to lash out…. and they really get after it! As I am sitting here, I am having to evaluate why my heart is palpitating so hard. I have never been one for confrontation unless it is absolutely needed (that is unless it is my family haha). I have to admit that I have gotten better, or should I say more hardened in life, when it comes to dreaded conversations, but it still eats my lunch and ruins my day! In a utopian society, there would never be a need for confrontation….

Well, there is no utopia and so I have to look at how I deal with things and assess myself when it comes to confrontation. I think ideally I strive for balance between letting others walk all over me and being the wicked witch of the west. I think at times I can be a little bit of both. If I feel confident in the situation, I insist on standing my ground and forcing my opinion. In issues where the confidence meter is scaling low, I tend to let others make my decisions for me! Since I have a life that is called to ministry, I don’t think that I will ever be able to completely rid my life of confrontation… I am just praying God show me how to walk a careful line when handling it and always keep Him as my motivation!

Oh, and for the record…. I am rooting for Stephanie!


One Response to “The Bachelor”

  1. Stephanie is already gone! Melissa or Molly???

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