I Miss My Hubby!

Your first thought is probably, “Where is Adam?”, but he actually didn’t go anywhere! Let me warn you…. this is probably a post that will scream that I am loathing in self-pity, but just bear with me! Living a crazy life filled with a million events seems to be a cycle that we, as a married couple, spin around in a vicious vortex never knowing how to stop it! Don’t get me wrong, we love life and all we do…. it just overwhelms me sometimes and I need to vent!

Adam recently started seminary, which has been a dream of his for as long as I have known him, and I am so happy that he has this opportunity. Really. This new adventure for him requires that the two of us adjust to a different kind of lifestyle for the next five years and to be quite honest, I am not accomplishing that feat as well as I would like. I am pretty much being a whiney baby about it! 😦

Sidenote: Our week schedule begins with church on Sunday, his seminary classes on Monday night, College group on Tuesday Night, and Youth Small Groups on Wednesday. This does not include the hours that Adam has to stay up at night writing papers and studying so that he does not sacrifice more family time than he has to! My poor hubby!

Okay, well my true reason for posting this is not just to gripe and complain…. I swear! I am really trying to challenge myself to “buck up” if you will and realize that I need to be the spouse that helps my husband get through this challenging and exciting time with love, encouragement, support AND understanding! I am hoping by posting this publically that I will be more aware of my actions and mindset when it comes to the changes that life brings. I long to embrace them with grace… in action and speech…. and actually look for the things that I could learn  from them!

Adam, if you read this, please know that I love you so much! I miss you when you are not able to be here, but I know that your heart is always with your family when you are away! We love you!


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