Okay… So I am trying it again!

Well, I have started and stopped writing this blog now for a third time. I seem to really enjoy it for a couple of days and then feel as though I have nothing valuable to say (when I compare myself to some other great bloggers I know) and give up trying to muster up creativity! I usually just tend to update people on what is going on in my life… which means that I tell people what my child is up to! haha

So to get started on that…. Beckett is absolutely amazing! He learns new things everyday and is talking quite a bit. This means that Momma has to watch everything she says and does; Although, normal words such as ‘sit’ and ‘britches’ (I know britches is not a normal word for most, but his GiGi taught it to him the last time we were in Oklahoma) come out as… well, you can imagine what come out like! We have never enjoyed life so much or laughed so hard since that little guy entered our world!

As for Adam and I, we are excited that we FINALLY have a house under contract. We have been patiently looking for quite some time waiting on the deal of the century, and just when I wanted to give up looking and rent for the rest of our lives God blesses us with the fixer-upper that we were looking for. The best part of the whole deal is that we have mountain views from our backyard! You see, when we first moved here we said we wouldn’t settle for anything but mountain views, but we quickly realized such beauty comes with a cost. We pretty much gave up on that idea, but God not only provided the house we needed but gave us the view that we wanted at a price that even shocked our realtor! We are so blessed!

Well, that is pretty much all from the Young’s! Have a good one!


One Response to “Okay… So I am trying it again!”

  1. Hurrah! Welcome back again 😀 You’re still on my reader! So happy for you about the mountain views. In Colorado they must seriously be worth it!

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