Date Night with the Hubby

So I am pretty excited today because I get to go on a date with my amazing husband tonight! You see, we have only been on 3, yes I said 3, dates since we have moved to Colorado almost a year ago! We are long overdue! I made a deal with myself that I would make it a point to build up my babysitter base and start dating my husband again. I have used the excuse that it was not worth the effort or the money that it takes to find someone to watch him and then pay to go on a date, but I am trying to change my mindset! I have found that when we get a little break we are actually better parents and a closer couple! We benefit and so does our precious little guy! 

We had a revelation a few weeks ago that made me realize how important this decision to make date night a priority really was. Adam and I exchanged a quick kiss one evening in front of Beckett and it made him sooooo happy. He started grinning and laughing and so of course, we did it again! He just laughed and laughed! I immediately realized how vital it is to the family that Adam and I stay strong in our marriage and how secure and happy it makes my child feel when he sees that we love each other!!! Oh to see life through the innocent eyes of a child! I pray that I try to do it more and more!

Well, off to pretty myself and then to the movies!!! Hope everyone has an incredible Thanksgiving tomorrow…. don’t take family for granted, enjoy them, I wish I could see my family tomorrow! I am so grateful though that God has blessed me with some amazing friends who have invited us to spend the day with them! He always provides!!!


4 Responses to “Date Night with the Hubby”

  1. Yay for time with the hubs! I loved this post! It’s such a great reminder to even we childless people out there to take the time to invest a little into our relationships.
    Hope you guys had a great night and that you have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow!

  2. Oh that is so totally true. I’m so very pleased for you and glad you realise the importance of you and hubby time! Have a fantastic time tonight!!!

  3. Aren’t date nights great?? We’re so blessed to have such wonderful husbands! Love you guys! Hope you’re doing great…Cali is awesome!

  4. I really hope you have had a lovely night out 🙂 what did you fo to see? x

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