Just a Little Update…

Well it has been a crazy couple of weeks for the Young family! Beckett caught some kind of virus and ran 104 temp for 3 days…. we even ended up in the ER in the middle of the night due to a rash and a very upset little guy! I was a nervous wreck and couldn’t stop bawling, you see, this was the first time my child has ever been sick and I didn’t quite know what to do! Needless to say, it was a long sleepless week for me!

The clouds eventually parted and the sun began to shine at the beginning of last week! My friend Joy flew in from Oklahoma to attend the Celine Dion Concert with me, which was cancelled due to her being sick, but we still had a great time anyway! We shopped and drank so much Starbucks… I am pretty sure I gained at least 5 pounds while she was here!!! All in all, it was so good for me to have “girl time” and I definitely enjoyed every minute of it! 

The end of the week was spent with family in Silverthorne, CO! Adam’s family drove up to vacation and ski and we were so excited to join them! I got to do more shopping on Friday at an amazing outlet mall and Saturday was spent skiing on the great slopes of Loveland!!! Grandma cooked some amazing food and we enjoyed her eagerness to watch Beckett so Mamma and Daddy could have a little break! We are so thankful for family and wish we could see them more often!!dsc01704_2Just a little family photo from the Mountains…. You know I can’t have a post without a picture!


2 Responses to “Just a Little Update…”

  1. Oh that is a BEAUTIFUL photo. So glad your weeks are going better and that the little guy is feeling better. And yay for Starbucks!

  2. beccakehaulani Says:

    You have a wonderful family!
    I love you guys!

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