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So Proud of Our Cowboys!!!!

Posted in Uncategorized on October 27, 2008 by alainayoung

I can’t believe it! The O State Cowboys are ranked in the Top 10…. I am not sure I even know of a time we were ranked, much less that high!!! I don’t know what it is about moving away, but Adam and I have become avid fans of our alma mater! The last time we were in Oklahoma, we bought matching orange shirts for the whole family! we are kind of dorks! Check it out!!!

Beck and Daddy on Game Day… Dad is so proud of his boy!!!


Go Pokes!!!!


Tuckered Out After the Game!!!


Welcome To My New Blog Page!!!

Posted in Uncategorized on October 26, 2008 by alainayoung

Well, I switched to WordPress and I have to admit the only reason was because I liked the choices for background themes better…. lame I know!!

Anyway, I know it has been an really long time since I updated everyone on what is happening with the Young family! We are extremely busy, but doing oh so well! We are loving life and loving fall in the Rocky Mountains!

We celebrated Beckett’s First Birthday on September 27th and were fortunate enough to be able to share that wonderful time with family in Oklahoma! He was spoiled rotten and had 2 parties in OK and another one at our friends house, the Horan’s, when we returned back home! He took his first steps 2 days after his birthday and has been gaining confidence in his walking abilities ever since! He also is saying and trying to imitate quite a few words. For the record, yes, we are the parents who think that everything he does is the cutest thing ever (well, except for those fits that he has learned how to throw)!!! 🙂

As for me… I am doing wonderful! I stay busy with my mom duties, trying to help Adam with the youth, and trying to earn a little extra cash watching children at the church during Bible Study Programs! Life couldn’t be better!!

Well, enough babbling… I will get to the pictures!!!


First Time Facing Forward in the Car


Can’t Stop Eating to Take a Picture!


Beck and Carter with Grandma and Grandpa


Beckett Enjoying His Second Birthday Cake


Eating Yet Another Birthday Cake


Listening to Mommy’s New iPod

Those are just a few of the pictures from his birthday fun!!! Believe me, there will be more… soon!