Ella Grace

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Well, I have had quite the interesting/amazing weekend. It all started on Friday evening with a great dinner at Hacienda with our great friends, Sara and Joe. Sara was 9 months pregnant and due on the 14th, but informed us that she was having contractions at dinner. We all were pretty convinced that it was just pre labor contractions and nothing to worry about, so we finished dinner and went our separate ways as I secretly hoped she would go into actual labor soon. To my surprise, I got a call about an hour later informing me that they were on their way to the hospital. Yah!!!! You see, I had already informed them that I was planning on being at the hospital no matter what (even if they didn’t want me lol), but thankfully, they wanted me to be there too! So I headed to the hospital on cloud nine awaiting the arrival of the Princess! It was definitely a long night but momma was ready to start pushing at 5am. This is where it gets interesting….. I actually got to stay in the delivery room! I have always wanted to do this, so needless to say, it was a unexpected surprise that got my adrenaline pumping so hard! Joe and Sara have the same situation as Adam and I…. we don’t have family nearby. So I was more than happy to fill in! Miss Ella Grace was born at 8:01 am (poor Sara put in such a long night) and she was so beautiful and dainty weighing a whopping 6 lbs. 5 oz. 

It was so funny how this completely made my day! I think I was bawling more than the parents were! haha It was such a beautiful process with an intensity like no other! I know I know, you are thinking “Alaina, you have had a baby and been through this”! All I can say is that it is a totally different experience! 

Thank you Joe and Sara for letting me be a part of such a special and unforgettable moment in life! I will always cherish it! Little Miss Ella will always have my heart! Love you guys!


Major Correction!!!!

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Okay so I guess I had a really big brain fart the other night as I was writing my post! My amazing friend brought it to my attention that I said I was rooting for Stephanie…. Oops! I am actually in hopes that Melissa wins!!! I have no clue what I was thinking….. Have a good laugh Cayce!

The Bachelor

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So….. I am a sucker for reality TV and I love watching “The Bachelor”. Tonight is the “Girls Tell All” and this episode always makes me a nervous wreck when I watch it! It is a bunch of girls that have been holding a grudge for some time period and finally have a chance to lash out…. and they really get after it! As I am sitting here, I am having to evaluate why my heart is palpitating so hard. I have never been one for confrontation unless it is absolutely needed (that is unless it is my family haha). I have to admit that I have gotten better, or should I say more hardened in life, when it comes to dreaded conversations, but it still eats my lunch and ruins my day! In a utopian society, there would never be a need for confrontation….

Well, there is no utopia and so I have to look at how I deal with things and assess myself when it comes to confrontation. I think ideally I strive for balance between letting others walk all over me and being the wicked witch of the west. I think at times I can be a little bit of both. If I feel confident in the situation, I insist on standing my ground and forcing my opinion. In issues where the confidence meter is scaling low, I tend to let others make my decisions for me! Since I have a life that is called to ministry, I don’t think that I will ever be able to completely rid my life of confrontation… I am just praying God show me how to walk a careful line when handling it and always keep Him as my motivation!

Oh, and for the record…. I am rooting for Stephanie!

I Miss My Hubby!

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Your first thought is probably, “Where is Adam?”, but he actually didn’t go anywhere! Let me warn you…. this is probably a post that will scream that I am loathing in self-pity, but just bear with me! Living a crazy life filled with a million events seems to be a cycle that we, as a married couple, spin around in a vicious vortex never knowing how to stop it! Don’t get me wrong, we love life and all we do…. it just overwhelms me sometimes and I need to vent!

Adam recently started seminary, which has been a dream of his for as long as I have known him, and I am so happy that he has this opportunity. Really. This new adventure for him requires that the two of us adjust to a different kind of lifestyle for the next five years and to be quite honest, I am not accomplishing that feat as well as I would like. I am pretty much being a whiney baby about it! 😦

Sidenote: Our week schedule begins with church on Sunday, his seminary classes on Monday night, College group on Tuesday Night, and Youth Small Groups on Wednesday. This does not include the hours that Adam has to stay up at night writing papers and studying so that he does not sacrifice more family time than he has to! My poor hubby!

Okay, well my true reason for posting this is not just to gripe and complain…. I swear! I am really trying to challenge myself to “buck up” if you will and realize that I need to be the spouse that helps my husband get through this challenging and exciting time with love, encouragement, support AND understanding! I am hoping by posting this publically that I will be more aware of my actions and mindset when it comes to the changes that life brings. I long to embrace them with grace… in action and speech…. and actually look for the things that I could learn  from them!

Adam, if you read this, please know that I love you so much! I miss you when you are not able to be here, but I know that your heart is always with your family when you are away! We love you!

Okay… So I am trying it again!

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Well, I have started and stopped writing this blog now for a third time. I seem to really enjoy it for a couple of days and then feel as though I have nothing valuable to say (when I compare myself to some other great bloggers I know) and give up trying to muster up creativity! I usually just tend to update people on what is going on in my life… which means that I tell people what my child is up to! haha

So to get started on that…. Beckett is absolutely amazing! He learns new things everyday and is talking quite a bit. This means that Momma has to watch everything she says and does; Although, normal words such as ‘sit’ and ‘britches’ (I know britches is not a normal word for most, but his GiGi taught it to him the last time we were in Oklahoma) come out as… well, you can imagine what come out like! We have never enjoyed life so much or laughed so hard since that little guy entered our world!

As for Adam and I, we are excited that we FINALLY have a house under contract. We have been patiently looking for quite some time waiting on the deal of the century, and just when I wanted to give up looking and rent for the rest of our lives God blesses us with the fixer-upper that we were looking for. The best part of the whole deal is that we have mountain views from our backyard! You see, when we first moved here we said we wouldn’t settle for anything but mountain views, but we quickly realized such beauty comes with a cost. We pretty much gave up on that idea, but God not only provided the house we needed but gave us the view that we wanted at a price that even shocked our realtor! We are so blessed!

Well, that is pretty much all from the Young’s! Have a good one!

Date Night with the Hubby

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So I am pretty excited today because I get to go on a date with my amazing husband tonight! You see, we have only been on 3, yes I said 3, dates since we have moved to Colorado almost a year ago! We are long overdue! I made a deal with myself that I would make it a point to build up my babysitter base and start dating my husband again. I have used the excuse that it was not worth the effort or the money that it takes to find someone to watch him and then pay to go on a date, but I am trying to change my mindset! I have found that when we get a little break we are actually better parents and a closer couple! We benefit and so does our precious little guy! 

We had a revelation a few weeks ago that made me realize how important this decision to make date night a priority really was. Adam and I exchanged a quick kiss one evening in front of Beckett and it made him sooooo happy. He started grinning and laughing and so of course, we did it again! He just laughed and laughed! I immediately realized how vital it is to the family that Adam and I stay strong in our marriage and how secure and happy it makes my child feel when he sees that we love each other!!! Oh to see life through the innocent eyes of a child! I pray that I try to do it more and more!

Well, off to pretty myself and then to the movies!!! Hope everyone has an incredible Thanksgiving tomorrow…. don’t take family for granted, enjoy them, I wish I could see my family tomorrow! I am so grateful though that God has blessed me with some amazing friends who have invited us to spend the day with them! He always provides!!!

Just a Little Update…

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Well it has been a crazy couple of weeks for the Young family! Beckett caught some kind of virus and ran 104 temp for 3 days…. we even ended up in the ER in the middle of the night due to a rash and a very upset little guy! I was a nervous wreck and couldn’t stop bawling, you see, this was the first time my child has ever been sick and I didn’t quite know what to do! Needless to say, it was a long sleepless week for me!

The clouds eventually parted and the sun began to shine at the beginning of last week! My friend Joy flew in from Oklahoma to attend the Celine Dion Concert with me, which was cancelled due to her being sick, but we still had a great time anyway! We shopped and drank so much Starbucks… I am pretty sure I gained at least 5 pounds while she was here!!! All in all, it was so good for me to have “girl time” and I definitely enjoyed every minute of it! 

The end of the week was spent with family in Silverthorne, CO! Adam’s family drove up to vacation and ski and we were so excited to join them! I got to do more shopping on Friday at an amazing outlet mall and Saturday was spent skiing on the great slopes of Loveland!!! Grandma cooked some amazing food and we enjoyed her eagerness to watch Beckett so Mamma and Daddy could have a little break! We are so thankful for family and wish we could see them more often!!dsc01704_2Just a little family photo from the Mountains…. You know I can’t have a post without a picture!